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Another Christmas At Home

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Touched down in fields of freshly powdered snow / The streets are bathed in the anemic glow / Of plastic snowmen--No man! / We’re not tuckered out; we’ll meet you anyway / Where the champagne’s on tap / Another Christmas at home / Outside the snow is turning brown again / Inside, an army of our drinking friends / Dad slides a fiver over: “Play me Hotel California, little one” / When the champagne’s on tap / Another Christmas at home / Through frosted windows, lights are twinkling / Home for a week, what were we thinking? / That your mom would be blue / And dear old pappy, too / Last gift was hardly opened up before / We made a beeline for the tavern door / Gathered like dust, we trust, our families won't be missing us much anyway / When the champagne’s on tap / We’re never gonna go home / And when the champagne’s all tapped / I’m gonna need a ride home