Eux Autres write smart, infectious garage-pop that makes you feel as if you’re simultaneously cartwheeling down a beach, singing by the fire in a mountain cabin, blowing out the candles on a cake, and eavesdropping on the elusive neighbors. If the Field Mice met Black Flag in a dark alley and teleported them to a Francoise Hardy show, the songs they’d be humming together on the drive home might sound something like Eux Autres.

Eux Autres originally consisted of brother and sister Heather and Nicholas Larimer. Heather played drums, Nicholas played guitar, and they both sang. In 2008, Eux Autres added drummer Yoshi Nakamoto (The Aislers Set) in order to expand their sound and referee their fights.

Eux Autres’ debut 7″ was released in 2003, and their first full-length CD, Hell Is Eux Autres, recorded by Jeff Stuart Saltzman and Janet Weiss (Wild Flag/Sleater-Kinney), was self-released in 2004. The band’s second album, Cold City, was released in 2007 on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (Athens, GA). Three singles and an EP followed in 2008 and 2009. In November 2010 Eux Autres put out their third album, Broken Bow, which was recorded by Jason Quever (Papercuts), and followed by a west coast tour with Wild Flag and a three week tour of Europe. Quever returned to record the band’s next EP, Sun Is Sunk, in 2012.


“⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ - Broken Bow, while hardly shoegaze, has the same kind of like-minded connection to the form that bands like Velocity Girl and Black Tambourine had to Ride or Slowdive way back when — guitars as rich texture, production as important as the song itself, and a healthy love of a ’60s sonic never-never land…The feeling is a classic combination of familiarity and, almost, audacity at going for the engagingly simple. The Velvets/proto-glam chug of “Wind Me Up” and their sparkling version of Springsteen’s “My Love Will Never Let You Down” are also joys but they’re among the many throughout the album, consistent in overall sound but never once feeling dull as a result.” –AllMusic

“A bold, brassy, melancholy, but ultimately triumphant album. They’ll improve your day in spades.” –A Layer of Chips

“Smart, infectious, jangly pop. The type of guitar sound that Mess And Noise calls limp-wristed (but not nastily)…I’m a sucker for a limp-wristed guitar, a boy in love with the first three Field Mice EPs and drums that might—or might not—once have belonged to a Shadow Morton group.” –Everett True (Collapse Board)

“They are doing what Best Coast are, just with more substance in their songwriting. The vocals sound like they are from an earlier time period, and the instrumentation gives feelings of a chilled out session on a lazy summer afternoon. These are some pitch perfect guitars for a hazy afternoon. Where the hell has this band been all my life?” –We All Want Something to Shout For

“From the persistent “bam bam bam” of the drums to the classic trade off of boy/girl vocals complete with girl group-esque harmonies, Eux Autres captured true the pop spirit of the [NYC Pop] festival.” -Brooklyn Vegan

“[Broken Bow] adds the occasional fuzzed out guitar to the bands typically concise, expertly crafted pop songwriting…Eux Autres is best when it braces its most innocently tuneful, as in the stripped down “A Band Undone” or the harmonious bouncy “Wind Me Up.” –Under The Radar

“Absolutely outstanding peppy downer pop. Shonen Knife with all the happy-happy-joy-joy scraped off. Same perky drumming. Same simple structures. Same aggressively sparse production. Just, you know, not so blissful. This third album from Eux Autres offers more than enough proof of mastery. Yeah, a lot of these songs are downers. And they’ll make you feel so damned good. Genius.” -A&A (aidabet.com)

“An irresistible set of bouncy indie-pop tinged with surf music and ‘60s girl groups, featuring churning surf guitars, alternating male/female lead vocals, occasional piano and sunny melodies contrasted with the band’s often-biting lyrics.” –KEXP.org

“8 out of 10. Eux Autres have quietly made two well received albums without drawing much attention to themselves. A collection of well put together garage pop songs…quietly catchy and infectious without ever being attention seeking.” –Loud and Quiet (London)

“8 out of 10. Compact, focused pop songs that really move. The record kicks into gear immediately, with a wiry guitar run and vocals that sound right off a Shop Assistants record while cut number two, “Queen Turner”, with its background shouts of “Hey!” might be the best song the band has written yet.” -Blurt

“[Eux Autres’ sound] is something that breaks from the pack just as it works within time-honored parameters. Broken Bow is filled with the kind of zippy, melodic pop songs that have enchanted since the dawn time. But the trio mix in more than enough ingenuity to set their particular take on the tradition apart.  The band’s knack for hooks and harmonies is clear, but each coalesces within a melange of atmosphere and verve applied to varying degrees, so perhaps it’s the intangibles that separate Eux Autres most.” –The Agit Reader

“Eux Autres’ third album, Broken Bow, is fantastique. The lo-fi sound is uncontrived and refreshing. The focus is instead on excellent songwriting, and there’s no reason to jazz up these tunes with flashy production. Producer Jason Quever’s live-sounding mix gets it just right.” –Campus Circle

“Light and lithe and lovely – trade-off boy-girl vocals, light guitar jangle and light, airy melodies. It’s springtime indie pop arriving in the heart of the autumn. Highly recommended.” -17 Dots

“They have a Pacific North-West sound, loose, full of space and casual brilliance…They are quite adept at making the complex seem simple. ‘Cover Rights’ is a sophisticated pop song rendered to its elements, so there are still sweet harmonies, a swirling petticoat of guitar and some spun sugar keyboards. Yes there have been countless shoestring Spectors but Eux Autres though make a better case than most.  It is time for us all to become one of them others.” –AmericanaUK

“Outrageously catchy, slightly raw. [Broken Bow] is one that fans of indie pop shouldn’t miss.” –The Bay Bridged

“[Broken Bow] is full of hits that go between a bit of angular pop and downright blistering ditties.” –Austin Town Hall

“A classic mix of garage and pop, with husky female vocals and biting guitars.” –Roxy Blog

“Stripped-down indie pop with a French twist. Poignant and stunning. Fun, always; but the lyrics speak something a little different from what you might be used to. That, above almost anything else, is what makes Eux Autres one of the better pop bands around.” -Fensepost

“A slightly punked up version of classic sixties pop. Imagine if Belle & Sebastian started listening to Black Flag, only with a bit of a french pop twist, and you kind of come close to the bands sound. They performed with an obscene amount of energy.” –Spinning Platters

“[Eux Autres] nailed it on “When I’m Up,” with well-shared vocals, expertly pounded drums (via Yoshi Nakamoto of Aislers Set fame) and even some church bells ringing via a nifty little xylophone in a box! Allo Darlin’ say that Eux Autres are their most favorite band in the world, and I can see why. Check them out.” –The Bay Bridged

“A fantastic set of melodically stellar indie-pop. While Nicholas held down the sound with crisp, driving guitar, Heather banged a tambourine, played xylophone, danced, and sang like a brunette Nico to Nicholas’ Lou Reed. The band’s short set was enchanting, a vibrant performance by a band unafraid to embrace its pop sense without irony or kitsch.” –Under The Radar

“An ingenious SF-based indie band you never heard of, but should.” –MSN Reverb Blog

“[Eux Autres rely] on great tunes, melodies and a lot of energy to make their point. The trio, led by brother and sister Heather and Nicholas Larimer delivered the right balance of sweet pop and punchy rock to impress – thumbs up.” -Chromewaves

“Oh Eux Autres, you’ve got the songs and sound that seduce all of the boys and the girls. Building on a bond that spans from San Francisco to Portland, the brother and sister duo of Heather and Nicholas Larimer can match the best of “them other” groups I just mentioned, thanks to a sure-fire sense of melody.” –SF Bay Guardian

“Great indie pop with good melodies and an irresistible chorus. It goes straight to my heart. Very, very nice!” –Eardrums

“Omaha, Neb.-born brother-sister duo Nicholas and Heather Larimer blend Francophile melodies with hooky garage beats to create infectious, adorable songs with lyrics about alienation and inner turmoil.” –San Francisco Examiner


Praise for World Cup Fever 2010

Pitchfork’s Best World Cup 2010 Music. -Pitchfork

“Despite attempts by Shakira, R. Kelly and others, the best of this year’s Cup’s musical accompaniments comes from little-known Portland duo Eux Autres…our #3 World Cup song of all time.” -The Agit Reader

“Cracking World Cup anthem…from the wonderful San Franciscan band Eux Autres with their lo-fi ode to all things football.” -Purple Amp

“Fabulously brilliant.” -Beerandbands


Praise for Cold City

“Four Stars…The songs are compact marvels of hooky melodic form with lyrics that manage to be charming even when they’re cryptic…Eux Autres can play and aren’t afraid to show it, and they reveal a healthy enthusiasm for pop classicism that peacefully coexists with their affection for expressive minimalism.” –AllMusic.com

“[Eux Autres] flaunt their Francophile interests via gorgeous bouncy pop songs. The pair migrated from Omaha a few years back and have been churning out adorable songs ever since, the finest of which are on the brand-new Cold City, an absolutely charming album of high-energy, jangly pop gems accentuated by the gorgeous female vocals of the fairer Larimer.” – The Portland Mercury

“A slew of three minute gems. [Eux Autres] stand out from the crowd of comparable boy-girl pop bands with songs like “The Town That Never Was” and “When I’m Up” because the Sleater-Kinney-ish guitar hooks grab hold and within seconds you’re entranced by Heather’s effortlessly sweet voice.” –75 or Less

“[Eux Autres] have mastered the art of breezy, infectious indie pop music. Cold City is packed tight with lush choruses and hum-worthy hooks. This is a remarkably well-assembled pop album that fits among 2007’s best indie releases.” –Indieville

“The more I listen to Eux Autres the better they sound. Life Pursuit era Belle & Sebastian meets Field Mice. Tres delicious.” –Palebear.com

“[Eux Autres] create addictive indie pop full of hooks. Simple but smart pop—very infectious, energetic, lighthearted and listenable.” –Generation Zune

“Highly recommended.” –Golden Fiddle

“[Cold City] has the same great songwriting with more solid production and a ton of great melodies.” –Pimps of Gore

Cold City blends the lovable aspects of 70s French pop with the indie rock of today’s more twee-focused artists…a phenomenal release.” –www.fensepost.com

“Combining the best of Fran Healy, Kori Gardner, and a sort of Belle-and-Sebastian-sensibility. I completely believe these guys, whether they want me to understand their songs or not. Eux Autres are one of my new favorite indie bands.” –The ChickenFish Speaks

“…very reminiscent of Beat Happening, but by the time the chorus kicks in it’s clear that Eux Autres are a more polished-sounding outfit than their Northwestern neighbours. . It’s a joyous opening to the album, and a good marker of what’s to come – jangly (verging on angular) guitars, sweet melodies and slightly unusual subject matter.” –Indie MP3

“There’s the old adage that less is more…That maxim has definitely been used effectively by Eux Autres…A layered set of sunny pop wrapped up in wry lyrics.” –Chico News & Review

“White Stripes for the vintage 60’s French Film sect. It’s a sweet lo-fi, and shimmers with jagged simplicity.” –Three Imaginary Girls


Praise for Hell Is Eux Autres

“One of the more exciting independent releases of the year…a veritable cult classic.” –Under The Radar

“[Eux Autres] have created one of the most addictive indie-pop records of 2004. That this is the duo’s first full album is scary, because these guys have crazy potential.” –Delusions of Adequacy

“8 out of 10. Simple but smart pop…very infectious. While all of the songs are highlights and could carry most albums, ‘Partick Nil’ is hard not to put on repeat. C’est tres good!” –Pop Matters

“Hell Is Eux Autres turned out to be one of the most energetic, lighthearted and listenable albums I’ve heard all summer. Even their handclaps have sass! The prog rock and toy piano of “Partick Nil” and the time signature f***ery of “Carolina!” mark Eux Autres as a band worth keeping an eye on. “Wind and Windows” is one of the sweetest and most complex ballads I’ve heard in months…Keep it coming.” –Splendid

“One of the best albums of the year.” –Junkmail (Brazil)

“Hell is Eux Autres overcomes those similarities [to other duos] with pop savvy and ’60s Euro-minded esthetics so catchy it almost hurts. The handclaps and backing “yeahs!” of “The Sundance Kid” carry the type of pop song perfectly suited to spinning out from a crusty garage sale 45. Eux Autres come off as the cool weird kids down the block who you’ve always wanted to hang out with.” –FFWD Weekly (Calgary)

“It’s their handclap-heavy rhythms, deadpan boy/girl vocals and twee melodic charm that elevate Eux Autres from being just another garage-pop duo. “Other Girls” is an instant classic, seemingly salvaged from a long-lost Vaselines demo.” –Eye Weekly (Toronto)

“Completely smashing!” –Magasin Magazine (France)

“A standout album. Clever, catchy tunes, precocious without being pretentious, and sweetly esoteric without coming across as elitist. Eliciting comparisons to [Belle & Sebastian], with a touch of early 60s French pop thrown in, Eux Autres have a strong pop sound characterized by call-and-response choruses, harmonies, and simple, catchy drum and guitar lines.” –The Spill Magazine (Toronto)

“This interesting blend of French Pop and Garage Rock is extremely enjoyable thanks to the great harmonies and fantastic beats that are comparable to both Belle and Sebastian and Sleater-Kinney. Never dull and always cool, Eux Autres have struck gold with their first full-length release.” –Erasing Clouds

Hell is Eux Autres is that king of rough-at-the-edges-soft-in-the-middle indiepop records that stays with you for longer than you may have expected, and is indeed one of the most peculiar indiepop records of 2004.” –Indiepop.it

“[Eux Autres] back it all up with crisp guitar pop that incorporates every great trick short of the kitchen sink. Handclaps, call-and-response vocals, mad reverb – you name it. Hell isn’t Eux Autres, heaven is.” –75 or Less

“I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing [Eux Autres] correctly, but here they are anyway…” –John Peel, BBC Radio1

“If Truffaut were still alive and remade “L’amour en Fuit,” the bouncy pop of Portland duo Eux Autres would weigh in heavily on the soundtrack. It’s a real brother-and-sister duo, with Nicholas Larimer playing jangly guitar and sis Heather on drums. Both let loose crisp summer-tone melodies on their debut album, “Hell Is Eux Autres.” Handclaps are a given, and yes, much is in French. We have no idea what’s being said half the time, but, hey, they still rule.” –Willamette Week (Portland, Ore.)

“[Eux Autres’] French influence is obvious…but the band’s love for American indie rock is undeniable…Slower tracks such as “Wind & Windows” are perfection and display the power of Heather’s voice. Music like this has been made for years, but as long as there are acts like Eux Autres around, it will continue to remain enjoyable.” –Unfinished

“Hovering somewhere between a high-school French-class assignment and Thee Headcoats is the debut single from this Portland, Ore., duo….The brother sister team plays three chord garage pop that hangs on a raunchy guitar line and crisp production from Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi).” –MAGNET Magazine