1. Under Rays

From the recording Broken Bow

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Under Rays

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in the morning it’s all white and gray / it’s all wrapped in cotton under rays through the window frame / the branch you left from trembling / always travel with no cash or case / when desire strikes you pull up the stakes / and in your wake / conversations sputtering / everything is equal / tell me something i don’t know / a bower better left uncrated / nothing left to show / out the doorway and it’s in my head / when the things i crave are the things i dread / and in their stead the roof the shed remaindering / cold and slightly empty / we don’t do much of it ourselves / i’m in the line and in the line i wait for it but i’m pulling down the shelves / when you’re humming along the street / and the headlights shine do you stop and think that it’s all so cheap when everything is everything?