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The Deadball Era

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never knew you cared till we rounded the reserves at reading / training punch ups so i guess it’s westward we’re heading / a poor scoring record on the transfer market has never meant a thing / but this calendar unification won’t take away the sting / give ‘em hell boys europe’s all we’ve left / cup ties result in unrest / winter break for twelve days of recess in rio / closed training, a towel, some sun block, a speedo / no domestic fixtures and a doping scandal have tainted our success / the spaniards had our number, we’re no better than the rest / i’m coming home, i’m always coming home unless i’m leaving home, no one to say goodnight to / send a message up the line there’s nothing left to steal / sharpen your spikes, boys, mercy is for the unfit / it’s the deadball era, your waspy portfolio is shit / groundskeepers hiring hitman catchers are foiled / you goddamn dutchman, your perfect fortress is spoiled